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Pelba Water Level

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Big Colewa Bayou

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Outside Lock Chamber          --          --          na                                                                             Inside

Daily Data for Louisiana: Stage — 242 site(s) found

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Station name Daily
03180004 Lower Pearl
02489500 Pearl River near Bogalusa, LA 12.58 13.66 +1.08
02490193 Pearl River at Pools Bluff near Bogalusa, LA na
02490200 Pearl River Navigation Canal Lock and Dam No.
Inside Lock Chamber na
Outside Lock Chamber na
02492100 Pearl River Navigation Canal Lock and Dam No.
Outside Lock Chamber na
Inside Lock Chamber na
02492511 East Pearl River at I-59 near Nicholson, MS na
02492519 Pearl River Navigation Canal Lock and Dam No.
Inside Lock Chamber na
Outside Lock Chamber na
02492600 Pearl River at Pearl River, LA na
02492700 Pearl River at I-10 near Slidell, LA 5.64 5.80 +0.16
03180005 Bogue Chitto
02491500 Bogue Chitto River at Franklinton, LA na
02491800 Bogue Chitto at Enon, LA 91.33 91.18 -0.15
02492000 Bogue Chitto River near Bush, LA na
08040202 Lower Ouachita-Bayou De Loutre
07364078 Ouachita River at Felsenthal L&D (lower) na
07364775 Byu De Loutre nr Sterlington, LA 15.36 16.25 +0.89
08040205 Bayou Bartholomew
07364200 Bayou Bartholomew near Jones, LA na
07364203 Bayou Bartholomew NW of Jones, LA na
07364300 Chemin-A-Haut Bayou near Beekman, LA na
073645001 Bayou Bartholomew at Hwy 425 nr Beekman, LA na
08040206 Bayou D’Arbonne
07364840 Lake Claiborne near Aycock, LA na
07365000 Byu D’Arbonne nr Dubach, LA na
07365500 Middle Fk Byu D’Arbonne nr Bernice, LA na
07365750 Bayou D’Arbonne at Hwy 151 E of Dubach, LA na
07366200 Little Corney Bayou near Lillie, LA na
07366364 Bayou Darbonne Lake at Dam near Downsville 40.85 40.71 -0.14
08040207 Lower Ouachita
07366472 Chauvin Bayou near Monroe, LA na
07367005 Ouachita River at West Monroe, LA 29.87 30.17 +0.30
07367047 Slough Bayou at Bancroft Blvd at West Monroe, La na
08040301 Lower Red
073556009 Red River 6.5 miles below Black River, LA na
07381482 Old River Outflow Channel below Hydropower Channel 20.82 21.66 +0.84
08040302 Castor
07370500 Castor Ck nr Grayson, LA na
07370600 BEAUCOUP CK NR COTTON PLANT, LA 9.26 9.23 -0.03
07370800 Castor Creek at Tullos, LA. na
08040303 Dugdemona
07371500 Dugdemona River near Jonesboro, LA na
07372050 Dugdemona River near Joyce, LA na
08040304 Little
07372190 Little River at Rochelle, LA. na
07372200 Little River near Rochelle, LA na
07373000 Big Creek at Pollock, LA na
08050001 Boeuf
07367690 Boeuf River at Ark/La State Line na
07367930 Bayou Bonne Idee east of Oak Ridge, LA na
07368503 Big Colewa Bayou at Prince Rd nr Pioneer, LA na
07368520 Big Ck @ Holly Ridge, LA na
07369000 Bayou Lafourche near Crew Lake, LA na
07369024 Youngs Bayou nr Monroe, LA na
07369050 Bayou Lafourche near Alto, LA na
08050002 Bayou Macon
07369700 Bayou Macon nr Kilbourne, LA na
08050003 Tensas
07369500 Tensas River at Tendal, LA na
07369515 Tensas River SE of Tendal, LA. na
08070100 Lower Mississippi-Baton Rouge
07374000 Mississippi River at Baton Rouge, LA na
08070201 Bayou Sara-Thompson
07373300 Byu Sara nr St. Francisville, LA na
07373700 Thompson Ck nr Starhill, LA na
08070202 Amite
07377000 Amite River near Darlington, LA 1.37 2.93 +1.56
07377150 Amite River at Grangeville, LA na
07377210 Sandy Creek nr Pride, LA na
07377230 Little Sandy Creek at Peairs Rd SE of Milldale, LA 22.50 22.50 0.00
07377300 Amite River at Magnolia, LA na
07377500 Comite River near Olive Branch, LA na
07377600 Comite R. at Pt. Hudson-Pride Rd near Milldale, LA na
07377750 Comite River near Zachary, LA na
07377754 Comite River near Baker, LA na
07377760 Comite River at Comite Dr near Baton Rouge, LA na
07377780 White Bayou at State Hwy 64 near Zachary, LA na
07377870 Comite River at Hooper Road near Baton Rouge, LA na
07378008 Hurricane Creek at Baton Rouge, LA na
07378050 Comite R. at Greenwell Spg Rd near Baton Rouge, LA na
07378075 Beaver Bayou at Denham Road nr Baton Rouge, LA na
07378083 Beaver Bayou at Hooper Road near Baton Rouge, LA na
07378100 Beaver Bayou at Wax Rd near Baton Rouge, LA na
07378500 Amite River near Denham Springs, LA na
07378650 Jones Cr. at Old Hammond Hwy near Baton Rouge, LA 22.11 22.11 0.00
07378746 Bayou Manchac at Alligator B. near Kleinpeter, LA na
07378748 Bluff Swamp near Kleinpeter, LA na
07378810 Bayou Fountain at Bluebonnet Blvd near B.R., LA na
07379000 Ward Creek at Government St at Baton Rouge, LA 31.65 31.64 -0.01
07379100 North Branch Ward Creek at Baton Rouge, LA na
07379960 Dawson Cr. at Bluebonnet Blvd near Baton Rouge, LA na
07380101 Bayou Manchac near Little Prairie, LA 2.82 3.07 +0.25
07380106 Muddy Creek at Hwy 42 near Oak Grove, LA na
07380126 Henderson Bayou near Port Vincent, LA na
Downstream of Structure na
07380200 Amite River near French Settlement, LA na
07380215 Amite River at Hwy 22 near Maurepas, LA na
08070203 Tickfaw
07375800 Tickfaw River at Liverpool, LA na
07375960 Tickfaw River at Montpelier, LA na
07376000 Tickfaw River at Holden, LA 1.72 2.02 +0.30
07376300 Tickfaw River Near Springfield, La. na
07376500 Natalbany River at Baptist, LA 4.27 4.25 -0.02
08070204 Lake Maurepas
07378745 Alligator Bayou near Kleinpeter, LA na
07380210 Amite River Diversion south of Whitehall, LA na
07380212 Airline Canal at Blind River near Gramercy, LA 1.40 1.46 +0.06
073802220 Panama Canal at Hwy 44 near Gonzales, LA 1.87 1.92 +0.05
Downstream of Structure na
0738022295 Grand Goudine at Babin Rd Near Duplessis, LA na
0738022395 Black Bayou at Hwy 621 near Prairieville, LA na
073802245 Black Bayou E of Gonzales, LA na
073802273 Bayou Francois at Hwy 61 Near Gonzales, LA na
073802282 New River Canal near Sorrento, LA
Upstream of Structure na
07380401 Bayou Lafourche SW of Donaldsonville, LA na
300602090375100 CRMS5373-H01-RT 1.85 1.91 +0.06
301324090382400 CRMS0061-H01-RT na
08070205 Tangipahoa
07375300 Tangipahoa River near Kentwood, LA na
07375430 Tangipahoa River near Amite, LA na
07375450 Tangipahoa R nr Tickfaw, La. na
07375500 Tangipahoa River at Robert, LA na
07375650 Tangipahoa River near Ponchatoula, LA na
08070300 Lower Grand
07381427 Bayou Grosse Tete S. of I10 at Grosse Tete, LA na
07381429 Choctaw Bayou at I-10 east of Grosse Tete, LA na
07381450 Lower Grand River at Bayou Sorrel, LA na
08080101 Atchafalaya
07381490 Atchafalaya River at Simmesport, LA 17.91 18.84 +0.93
07381500 Atchafalaya R @ Krotz Springs, LA na
07381515 Atchafalaya River at Butte La Rose, LA na
073815450 Chicot Pass near Myette Point near Charenton, LA na
07381567 Buffalo Cove at Round Island near Charenton, LA na
073815963 Murphy Lake near Bayou Sorrel, LA 11.16 11.12 -0.04
073816525 Mouth of Atchafalaya River at Atchafalaya Bay na
07384400 State Canal near Krotz Springs, LA na
293229091230800 CRMS0465-H01-RT na
295011091184300 Little Bayou Long North of Duck Lake, LA na
295447091191500 Middle Fork Bayou Long at Bayou Long na
300312091320000 Arm of Grand Lake near Crook Chene Cove na
300507091355600 Bayou Darby near Lake Fausse Point Cut na
302020091435700 Lake Pelba at I-10 near Henderson, LA na
08080102 Bayou Teche
07382000 Bayou Cocodrie near Clearwater, LA na
07382500 Bayou Courtableau at Washington, LA na
07383500 Bayou Des Glaises Diversion Ch. at Moreauville, LA na
07385450 Bayou Teche @ Port Barre, LA. 17.23 17.13 -0.10
07385700 Bayou Teche at Keystone L&D nr St. Martinville, LA na
07385702 Bayou Teche below Keystone L&D nr St. Martinville 4.40 4.19 -0.21
07385820 Bayou Teche W of Calumet Flood Gate at Calumet, LA na
08080103 Vermilion
07386190 Bayou Fusilier Abv Weir at Arnaudville, La na
07386600 Vermilion River (B. Vermilion) near Carencro, LA na
07386655 Vermillion Rvr N. of I-10 at Lafayette, La na
07386700 Ruth Canal near Ruth, LA 9.32 9.14 -0.18
07386850 Vermilion River near Lafayette, LA na
07386940 Vermilion River at Hwy 733 near Lafayette, LA 4.33 4.20 -0.13
07386956 Vermilion River at Hwy 92 at Milton, LA 11.37 11.25 -0.12
07386962 Vermilion River at Woodlawn, LA na
07387040 Vermilion Bay near Cypremort Point, LA na
07387050 Vermilion Bay(B. Fearman) nr Intracoastal City, LA na
08080201 Mermentau Headwaters
08010000 Bayou Des Cannes near Eunice, LA na
08010050 Bayou Des Cannes west of Iota, LA na
08010120 Bayou Mallet at Hwy 91 north of Iota, LA na
08011000 Byu Plaquemine Brule nr Crowley, LA na
08011020 Bayou Plaquemine Brule @ Esterwood, LA. 8.86 8.84 -0.02
08012000 Bayou Nezpique near Basile, LA na
08080202 Mermentau
08012400 Mermentau River @ Lake Arthur, LA na
293809092361500 CRMS0609-H01-RT na
294045092492300 CRMS0615-H01-RT 1.72 1.71 -0.01
294717092250000 CRMS0568-H01-RT na
08080203 Upper Calcasieu
08013000 Calcasieu River nr Glenmora, LA na
08013500 Calcasieu River near Oberlin, LA na
08015500 Calcasieu River near Kinder, LA na
08080204 Whisky Chitto
08014500 Ouiska Chitto Creek Near Oberlin, LA 3.93 3.91 -0.02
08014800 Bundick Creek near DeRidder, LA na
08014881 Bundick Lake at Spillway near DeRidder, LA na
08080206 Lower Calcasieu
08017044 Calcasieu River at I-10 at Lake Charles, LA na
08017095 North Calcasieu Lake near Hackberry, LA na
08017118 Calcasieu River at Cameron, LA na
295231093100100 CRMS2418-H01-RT 1.40 1.44 +0.04
295744093303800 CRMS0651-H01-RT na
08090100 Lower Mississippi-New Orleans
07374525 Mississippi River at Belle Chasse, LA na
08090201 Liberty Bayou-Tchefuncta
07374581 Bayou Liberty near Slidell,LA na
07375000 Tchefuncte River near Folsom, LA na
07375050 Tchefuncte River near Covington, LA na
07375170 Bogue Falaya at Covington, LA na
07375175 Bogue Falaya River at Boston St. at Covington, LA na
07375222 Abita River north of Abita Springs, LA na
07375230 Tchefuncte River at Madisonville, LA na
08090202 Lake Pontchartrain
301200090072400 L Pontchartrain at Crossover 4 near Mandeville, LA na
08090203 Eastern Louisiana Coastal
073745235 Bayou Dupre Sector Gate near Violet, LA
Protected Side, [Protected Side] 1.35 1.53 +0.18
Flood Side, [Flood Side] 1.48 1.76 +0.28
073745245 Caernarvon Canal Sector Gate at Caernarvon, La
Protected Side, [Protected Side] 1.83 2.10 +0.27
Flood Side, [Flood Side] 1.83 2.10 +0.27
073745253 Reggio Canal near Wills Point, LA na
073745257 Crooked B. NW of L. Cuatro Caballo near Delacroix na
073745258 Cow Bayou at American Bay nr Pointe-A-La-Hache, LA na
07374526 Black Bay nr Snake Island nr Pointe-A-La-Hache, LA na
07374527 Northeast Bay Gardene near Point-A-LA-Hache, LA na
073745275 Black Bay nr Stone Island nr Pointe-A-La-Hache, LA na
073802332 Inner Harbor Navigation Canal nr Seabrook brid
Protected Side, [Protected Side] na
073802339 GIWW East Storm Surge Barrier at New Orleans,
Protected Side, [Protected Side] na
Flood Side, [Flood Side] 1.39 1.63 +0.24
300722089150100 Mississippi Sound near Grand Pass na
301001089442600 Rigolets at Hwy 90 near Slidell, LA 2.05 2.28 +0.23
08090301 East Central Louisiana Coastal
07380238 Naomi Diversion Canal near Naomi, LA na
073802511 Barataria Waterway at Mud Lake S of Lafitte, LA 7.30 7.02 -0.28
073802512 Hackberry Bay NW of Grand Isle, LA na
07380330 Bayou Perot at Point Legard near Cutoff, LA na
07380500 Bayou Lafourche at Napoleonville, LA na
07381000 Bayou Lafourche at Thibodaux, LA na
292800090060000 Little Lake near Bay Dosgris E of Galliano, LA na
292952089453800 CRMS0282-H01-RT na
295501090190400 Davis Pond Freshwater Diversion near Boutte, LA na
08090302 West Central Louisiana Coastal
07381150 Bayou Lafourche at Lockport, LA na
07381349 Caillou Lake (Sister Lake) SW of Dulac, LA na
073813498 Caillou Bay SW of Cocodrie, LA na
07381350 Company Canal at Hwy 1 at Lockport, LA na
07381355 Company Canal at Salt Barrier near Lockport, LA na
07381454 Belle River at Hwy 70 near Pierre Part, LA 1.83 1.80 -0.03
07381460 Bayou Milhomme near Stephensville, LA na
292952090565300 CRMS0411-H01-RT na
11140201 Mckinney-Posten Bayous
07344370 Red River at Spring Bank, AR na
11140202 Middle Red-Coushatta
07344400 Red River near Hosston, LA. na
11140203 Loggy Bayou
07348700 Bayou Dorcheat near Springhill, LA na
07349000 Bayou Dorcheat near Minden, LA na
07349020 Bayou Dorcheat near Sibley, LA. na
07349250 Lake Bistineau near Ringgold, LA na
07350020 Loggy Bayou Near East Point,LA. na
11140204 Red Chute
07349298 Flat River at Shed Rd. near Bossier City, LA na
07349374 Flat River near Curtis, LA na
07349815 Cypress Bayou Lake near Benton, LA na
07349849 Red Chute Bayou at Dogwood Tr. Rd. nr Bossier City na
07349860 Red Chute Bayou at Sligo, LA na
07349890 Red Chute Bayou near Elm Grove, LA. na
07349910 Flat River at High Island, LA na
11140205 Bodcau Bayou
07349450 Bodcau Bayou near Springhill, LA 8.83 8.82 -0.01
07349500 Bodcau Bayou near Sarepta, LA na
11140206 Bayou Pierre
07350900 Bayou Pierre nr. Robson, LA. na
07351000 Boggy Byu nr Keithville, LA na
07351500 Cypress Bayou near Keithville, LA na
07351750 Bayou Pierre near Lake End, LA na
07351755 Bayou Pierre near Powhatan, LA. na
11140207 Lower Red-Lake Iatt
07353520 Nantachie Lake near Aloha, LA na
11140208 Saline Bayou
07352000 Saline Bayou near Lucky, LA na
11140209 Black Lake Bayou
07352820 Grand Bayou Reservoir at spillway nr Coushatta, LA na
07352895 Black Lake Bayou near Clarence, LA na
11140304 Cross Bayou
07344450 Paw Paw Bayou near Greenwood, LA 9.40 8.99 -0.41
07344480 Cross Lake at Shreveport, LA 171.76 171.81 +0.05
07346450 Black Bayou at Rodessa, LA na
07346980 Black Bayou at Huckaby Rd SW of Hosston, LA na
07347700 Black Byu nr Oil City, LA na
07347950 Twelvemile Bayou nr Mooringsport, LA na
07348000 Twelvemile Bayou near Dixie, LA na
12010004 Toledo Bend Reservoir
08022500 Sabine Rv at Logansport, LA na
08023080 Bayou Grand Cane near Stanley, LA 12.22 10.23 -1.99
08023400 Bayou San Patricio near Benson, LA na
12010005 Lower Sabine
08025500 Bayou Toro near Toro, LA na
08026000 Sabine Rv nr Burkeville, TX na
08028000 Bayou Anacoco near Rosepine, LA na
08028500 Sabine Rv nr Bon Wier, TX na
08030500 Sabine Rv nr Ruliff, TX na
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