Storm Spectre Banned

Storm Spectre Banned

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by ispoiler
Storm Spectre under USBC review

Figured I’d throw a mega thread up about this one and try to keep all relevant info in one spot. I’ll keep this updated with as much as possible since I’ll be running through through whatever refund/return/exchange process Storm puts forward.

3/12/2022 – Storm Bowling has announced that the United States Bowling Congress that the Storm Spectre is under further review. Storm has reached out to the USBC for additional information. At this time, this ball is not available for sale in pro shops but is still legal for competition. As information becomes more available, we will release further statements.


3/14/2022 – @Storm_Nation – Storm Bowling Products on Twitter
We are working through the situation and will share the process for those who have purchased a Spectre soon.
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3/16/2022 – @Storm_Nation – Storm Bowling Products on Twitter
While we continue to work through this ongoing situation with USBC, we want to do all we can to take care of our customers. We will have more information for our customers shortly.
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3/16/2022 – Storm Bowling Products on Facebook
We are disappointed in USBC’s decision on Monday revoking its prior approval of the Storm Spectre bowling ball. Our tests show and confirm that the Spectre ball meets all USBC requirements. Therefore, we disagree with this recent ruling. We pride ourselves in manufacturing the finest high-end balls which are shipped worldwide. When we create a new product, we do extensive testing prior to sending it to the USBC for approval. The USBC then conducts their own studies to determine if the ball is certified for USBC competition. We then get an approval notification and proceed with the manufacturing process. All that occurred with the Spectre.
Our customers are our priority and deserve the utmost service and respect. While we continue to work through this ongoing situation with USBC, we want to do all we can to take care of our customers. We are currently working on a resolution and process to ensure that if you purchased a Spectre, you will have a product that you can use in a USBC Certified competition. We will have more information for our customers shortly.

3/18/2022 – Storm Bowling – Update from Storm’s website.

Please note all fields

With the USBC’s decision to revoke the prior approval of the Spectre bowling ball we are continuing to explore our options with their findings but understand that taking care of our customers is of the upmost importance.

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We will be opening an exchange portal on Monday, March 21, 2022. This portal will allow you to exchange their Spectre bowling ball for another bowling ball from a drop-down list of seven different balls. You will be able to upload a picture of the serial number of your ball and a picture of the drilled holes in the ball.

We will ship the exchange ball directly from Storm HQ to the address of your choice within the US. This process will take 3-5 weeks. Along with the exchange ball, you will receive a drilling certificate in the box.

More information will be available to all of our customers on Monday. Thank you for your patience throughout this unprecedented situation.

3/21/2022 – Storm Bowling – Update from Storm’s website.

We would like to thank you for your patience as we continue to work through the situation regarding the Spectre and USBC’s decision to revoke the approval of this bowling ball.

Below you will find the exchange process and link to properly exchange your Spectre for a product that you can use in USBC Certified Competition. Please note this website is for customers who purchased the Spectre in the US only. If you are a bowler outside of the US, please contact your place of purchase to process an exchange ball.

When accessing the website, please have the following items.

-Contact Information & Shipping Address For Bowling Ball (if shipping address is the same, you’ll be able to select same as customer address)
-Purchase Location
-Approx. Date Purchased
-Pro Shop Name
-Serial Number of the drilled Spectre

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A picture of the serial number to be uploaded (this can uploaded straight from a mobile device’s photo gallery or a photo can be taken and uploaded straight to the portal)
A picture of the drilled ball – grip center showing fingers and thumb (if applicable)
Please note all fields must be completed in order to process the exchange. We will be exchanging balls as quickly as possible. This process may take 3-5 weeks to complete.

Included with your exchange ball will be the $50 drilling certificate to help cover the cost of drilling. This should be treated like cash and needs to be given to your pro shop operator at the time of drilling.

If you have an undrilled Spectre, please email with your

-Shipping Address
-Picture of the serial number
-Choice of the 7 Balls (Storm Hy-Road, Storm Hy-Road Pearl, Storm Pitch Black, 900 Global Wolverine, Roto Grip Rubicon UC2, Roto Grip Rubicon UC3, Roto Grip IDOL Helios)
-Replacement Weight

If you run into any issues with the website, please contact 800-369-4402.