Roger Blanchard Obituary

Who Was Roger Blanchard? Biography Of Marilou Johnson’s Husband & Murder Case Update

Marilou Johnson was a 50-year-old woman who went missing in 2007, and the investigation into her disappearance led to the revelation of her murder case.

The missing case turned into a murder case of Marilou Johnson is talked about in the recent episode of Where murder Lies in Investigation Discovery.

Who Was Marilou Johnson’s Husband Roger Blanchard? Murder Case Details

Roger Blanchard is a retired businessman and boyfriend of Marilou. He reported the missing of his girlfriend which brought the spotlight to her murder case.

Marilou was a widower, and a mom of three boys, Jared, Jerel, and Jason, and her husband had passed away a few years before during the battle with cancer. She met Roger when she was working full time to provide for her sons.

Roger is a millionaire and, he suggested Marilou move into his 10,000 square foot mansion. Marilou was happy and moved in with him, but the happiness turned sour as she went missing on June 15, 2007.

Roger called the Macomb County police to inform them that Marilou was missing from the previous morning as she hadn’t returned after completing her work and was contactless.

How Rich Is Roger Blanchard? Net Worth Explored

The net worth of Roger Blanchard is estimated to be in millions, but the exact details regarding it are unavailable at the moment.

Roger had his factory and earned well from his business ventures but the details regarding his business are not available.

Roger seems to be 60-70 years of age, but the exact birth date is unavailable. He doesn’t seem to have his own Wikipedia page yet.

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What Happened to Marilou Johnson? Obituary News

Marilou Johnson went missing in 2007, and according to her obituary news, she was murdered by the plumber, David Wright. David was a plumber who was always dire in need of money, and this was the motive for him murdering Marilou.

He was found guilty of killing Marilou by stabbing her with a knife. On further investigation, it was revealed that David had attacked Johnson in the driveway and cut her throat with a knife.

After loading her body in the van, he went inside her home and stole jewelry, precisely a necklace from her. David was sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole for the punishment of committing such a heinous crime.

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Roger Blanchard Obituary

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Roger Blanchard Obituary

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Roger Blanchard Obituary

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Roger Blanchard Obituary

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Roger Blanchard Obituary

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Roger Blanchard Obituary

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